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Oiling Oil Press Machine SX-TB05

Oiling Oil Press Machine SX-TB05

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The advanced Oiling Oil Press Machine uses state-of-the-art German design technology, accompanied by precision assembly in Taiwan. It presses oil at a low temperature to guarantee minimal oxidation, thus preserving the molecular integrity of the oil. This highly-sensitive and efficient system extracts nutrient-rich oil while the essential nutrients of every seed molecule remain unharmed.

All our seeds are certified organic and premium quality.


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市售最強功率2000W 全自動榨油機,一鍵出油,全機不鏽鋼材,316不銹鋼榨膛!420德國鋼刀等級鋼材,苦茶油,黑芝麻油,黑種草油,亞麻仁油......可榨30多種油品!

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