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Komo Mio Eco Plus Grain Mill

Komo Mio Eco Plus Grain Mill

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Designed with sustainability in mind, we introduce to you the KomoMio Eco Plus! 

This grain mill combines the innovative design and high performance quality of the KomoMio. It uses the same 360 watt motor and is manufactured with both wood and sustainably recycled Arboblend®, paired with a new hopper made of 100% cork material. 

The 100% cork hopper is the defining feature of this model, both in design and functionality. Did you know that cork is able to be extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree without cutting down the tree? It is also biodegradable and can be reused, making it an incredibly sustainable material long term. Another advantage of cork is its natural cushioning ability, as it reduces the noise and vibrations that can occur when processing grain. It is also naturally antibacterial and mildew resistant, which is an added bonus when processing food.

The KomoMio Eco Plus is the perfect choice for environmentally friendly power consumption while providing you with freshly ground flour every day. 


Product Info

Power: 360 watt
Milling Rate: 100g per minute
Hopper Capacity: 850g
Millstone Diameter: 3.35"
Noise Level: 70db
Weight: 15lb
Size: 14" (H) x 7.2" (W) x 7.5" (D)
Housing: Beech plywood, Arboblend and Cork Hopper
Delivery Includes: Mill with lid
Recommended For: Soft grain, Hard grain, Spices, Legumes, Coffee beans
Warranty: 12 years

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