Why eat Sprouts?

Sprouts are called Living Super Miracle Food and Nutritional Power House by many Health Experts and Scientists. Check out Top 7 Reasons for Eating Sprouts:

Are your seeds Non-GMO?

We’re so glad to hear that you’re aware of the danger of GMOs in our food system, and that you’re actively working to consume foods that are GMO-free!

Yes, all of the seeds we sell are non-GMO and certified organic.

Are Sprouts safe to eat?

Growing your own organic sprouts is the safest way to eat sprouts.

Sprouts, like any fresh live food, carry risk of pathogen contamination Small risk. 

There are some cautions to take to help with safety.

1, Start with source:

Trying to buy the seeds that are organic and have been tested for pathogens.

2, Sanitize the seeds if you are concerned:

Soak seeds for five minutes in a solution of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide or vinegar in water. Rinsing the seeds with running water for a few mins.

3, Wash your hands and sterilize any equipment or utensils before handling your seeds and sprouts.

4, Refrigerate finished non-wet sprouts in air-tight containers. Before storing away, please make sure do this step first:

Leave the sprouts in the jar angled for half a day or a day (depending the humility of your area) before harvesting and without rinsing for at least 24 hours. Refrigerate wet sprouts will shorten the storage time and kill the sprouts.

At ECHOEM Market we only sell high quality of certified organic seeds and all our seeds are tested. Each lot sampled were sent to an independent lab to be sprouted and tested for salmonella and E. coli.

What if the sprouts are clumping together?

They are perfectly fine if they grow in 2L glass jar where they have enough room to breathe.

Why Broccoli and radish Sprouts have not pleasant smell? There are white hairs on the roots, are they mold?

Broccoli and radish can have a strong odor while sprouting due to their super powerful anti- oxidant compound- Sulforaphane. They also develop a fuzzy white growth on the root. This is the fine root hair system and not mold.