Framing and Drywall Finishing

Wood framing gain strength from rigid panels (plywood and oriented strand board) but is very light. Steel frame is a vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams, constructed in a rectangular grid for support. If done properly, both wood or steel framing lets you hide unattractive pipes, ductwork, electrical runways and low voltage wiring.


ECHOEM has built a vast array of frame structures including:

• Houses

• Sheds

• Whistler-Style Gables

• Gazebos

• Extensive Form Work

• Stairs



Steel framing for interior structures with a secondary ceiling hung below the main (structural) ceiling.


Finishing drywall between the drywall sheets and structural frames. Preparation for electrical, insulation, and painting.

Restaurants and Cafés

With a focus on timely delivery and cost affective production, our team can bring out the attractive and functional aspects that you want the space to portray. We can work with your designers and architects or bring you the convenience of ours.


Providing a full-service solution our vendors can supply:

• Custom glass work [dividers, sneeze guards, railings, displays]

• Stone & Tile for wall, floor or accenting

• Marble, Granite or Lime Stone [counters, backsplash & walls]

• Custom woodwork & reclaimed wood [counters, benches & wall panels]

Construction of a new space, or remodeling an existing space will both require considerations such as:


Code Considerations


• Wheelchair accessibility (counters/ POS terminals, ramps, doorways and W/C’s)

• Latex coated bulbs overcooking/ service areas

• Coated/ non-exposed wood in food preparation areas


Plumbing and Electrical Specifics for Equipment


• Grease traps & Backflow Preventers

• Fire suppression systems

• Power draw and expansion capacity

Office Spaces

From the creative environment at Native Shoes Canada to the insurance offices of Gold Key Insurance, we can design & custom build your office space.


As with all construction aspects we offer you:

• Glass dividing wall, doors & railings

• Glass conference rooms with visual display options

• A/C & HVAC installations

• Security camera systems with remote monitoring

• Remote door access, with smart phone key authorization, voice & visual

No matter how small the inquiry, an installation specialist will get back shortly: